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Secant pile wall are series of piles that are constructed in a configuration such that they intersect one another. They are constructed at the centre-to-centre distances, that are smaller than the sum of the radii of the two adjactent piles. In this configuraton adjactent piles intersect one another.
This metod is applied to form reinforced concrete earth retaining structures in many different subsoil conditions.
Secant pile walls are load-bearing structures and can be incorporated to form an integral part of the main structure.

Baltpile can construct Secant pile walls with piles of the following diametre: 620 mm, 880 mm, 1180 mm, 1500 mm, with lenght up to 72.5 m.

  • Secant pile walls can be effectively constructed in all soils; their use becomes particularly attractive when soils are difficult to drill and where boreholes are difficult to support;
  • Method of operating together with the use of temporary casings to support the boreholes reduces significantly the deformation of soils surrounding the wall, thereby reducing settlements and their adverse effects on nearby structures and services;
  • There is great flexibility in the choice of pile diameter and different combinations of hard and soft piles can be used to produce a wall for the purpose for which it was designed;
  • Secant piles can be constructed at an inclination to the vertical. In urban areas, or where there are obstructions, this feature gives the method added flexibility and makes it possible to maximize basement areas;
  • The quality of finish on secant pile walls is usually very good and the formation of bulges or protrusions is rare. This eliminates the high cost of chipping and making good which is usually associated with diaphragm walls particularly when they are built in difficult, loose or stratified soils.

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