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Pile testing with a vertical static load using anchor piles.

This pile test method shall be used in case you need test tension piles or where not possible to carry out pile tests using reinforced concrete press. This method is implemented using anchor piles, on which are placed metal girders (farms), which serves as a support for hydraulic jack with which the load is transferred to the test pile. Anchor pile length and reinforcing is determined by calculation, taking into account the test load and geological conditions. Anchor piles can be used as "work piles" in further construction process.
Pile testing is done gradually increasing load on the hydraulic jack assistance according to the pile-testing program, as certified by the designer. For pile testing use a calibrated hydraulic jack, which is installed at the top of the test pile (between the piles and girder ). Pile top is reinforced with metal shells. Around the test pile and anchor piles is installed a special metal frames, on which is mounted on calibrated measuring tools (tensiometer), by which is measured test pile settlement and anchor pile tension.
Reaching the maximum test load, carry out gradual pile unload. This is followed by a report with a graph depicting which shows a pile test results.

This test method acceptable to test piles with load till 500 t.

IMPORTANT: During the test cannot carry out construction works, which creates dynamic load and vibration near testing pile area. This may adversely affect measuring instrument readings (tensiometer), which can lead to inaccurate pile test results.
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